Viana do Castelo - Caminha

The stage of the Portuguese Coastal Way from Viana do Castelo to Caminha is one of the most varied in terms of landscapes and experiences, covering approximately 26.8 km. This journey can be completed by following the official inland route or opting for an alternative coastal path, which, although not signposted, is intuitive and offers beautiful beaches.

Viana do Castelo: The starting point is Viana do Castelo, where pilgrims can begin in the old town, exploring its monuments and the rich history of the city before embarking on the day’s route.

Areosa and Carreço: Heading north, the path traverses Areosa and Carreço, offering views of the Atlantic and passing by historic estates such as Quinta da Boa Viagem and Quinta de Cabanas, which are magnificent examples of local architecture converted into rural accommodations.

Afife and Âncora: The route continues through Afife, an area known for its beaches and natural tranquility. Upon reaching Vila Praia de Âncora, pilgrims can enjoy a leisurely walk through this charming coastal town, which is a perfect spot for an extended break or to enjoy the local cuisine in restaurants like Casa dos Caracois.

Caminha: Finally, the path arrives in Caminha, where the route passes by the historic Torre do Relógio and the Igreja da Misericórdia. In Caminha, pilgrims can choose to end their journey or continue towards Galicia by crossing the Minho River.

This stage not only stands out for its natural and cultural beauty but also for the flexibility it offers in terms of route choice, allowing pilgrims to personalize their experience according to their interests and physical capabilities. It is advisable to carry water and sun protection, especially on the coastal route, to fully enjoy the landscapes without worries.