Coastal Way from Baiona

We offer you a unique experience on the Portuguese Coastal Way, from Baiona to Santiago de Compostela. This 126 km journey in 6 stages over 8 days combines maritime landscapes, fishing villages, historic cities, and the arrival at the impressive Plaza del Obradoiro. With accommodation, support, and the opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture, it is an authentic and enriching way to experience this pilgrimage route.


6 stages

126 km

504 €

Bed & Breakfast

Room with ensuite bathroom

Backpack transfer

Day 1: Arriving in Baiona

You can easily reach Baiona by bus, or we can provide private transfers from Vigo or any airport in Galicia. Once in Baiona, take time to explore the charming old town with its narrow streets and traditional Galician architecture, walk around the Monterreal Castle, currently serving as a luxurious Parador de Turismo, and visit the impressive Virgin of the Rock statue, which offers panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Enjoy the rich history and stunning scenery as you prepare for your journey on the Portuguese Coastal Way.

Day 2: From Baiona to Vigo – 23 km / 5-6 hours

From Baiona, you will walk towards Vigo, passing landmarks such as the O Pombal fountain and crossing historical bridges. Along the route, the region's biodiversity becomes evident, culminating in your arrival in Vigo, also known as the Olive City.

Day 3: From Vigo to Cesantes – 18 km / 4-5 hours

The journey will take you from the Lagares River to the O Berbés neighborhood in Vigo, famous for its oysters. You will continue to Redondela, where the Portuguese Coastal Way connects with the Portuguese Inland Way, finally ascending to Cesantes.

Stages from Baiona

Day 4: From Cesantes to Pontevedra – 16 km / 3-4 hours

From Cesantes, the path descends towards Arcade, crossing the medieval Ponte Sampaio bridge. You will continue to Pontevedra, known as the "boa Vila."

Day 5: From Pontevedra to Caldas de Reis – 21 km / 4-5 hours

After departing from Pontevedra, you will head towards Caldas de Reis, passing through forest landscapes and by the Barosa River Waterfall. Caldas de Reis is renowned for its beneficial thermal properties.

Day 6: From Caldas de Reis to Padrón – 17 km / 4-5 hours

You will immerse yourself in nature as you leave Caldas de Reis, crossing Monte Castelo and the Valga River until you reach Padrón, the birthplace of Galician literary figures and where, according to legend, the remains of the Apostle James were moored.

Day 7: From Padrón to Santiago de Compostela – 26 km / 5-6 hours

Your journey concludes in Santiago de Compostela, where you will enter this historic city through A Porta Faxeira and arrive at the famous Plaza del Obradoiro, marking the end of the Portuguese Coastal Way.

Day 8: End of Your Journey

Explore Santiago de Compostela at your leisure, with the option to extend your stay to enjoy more of the city. We offer you the opportunity to stay an additional night to explore the highlights of Santiago and its surroundings. Enjoy the best excursions that will allow you to delve deeply into the heritage and culture of this iconic Galician city.

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