Redondela - Pontevedra

The stage of the Portuguese Coastal Way that connects Redondela with Pontevedra is a vibrant blend of urban and natural environments, passing through towns rich in history and culture. Starting from the bustling Redondela, the path dives into the tranquility of the Galician landscape, passing by historical points of interest like Arcade, known for its medieval bridge and the delicious oysters that can be enjoyed in the area.

Cesantes: In this locality, pilgrims cross areas near the coast, enjoying views of the estuary before continuing towards Arcade.

Arcade: Renowned for its bridge and oysters, it is a meeting point for walkers looking to replenish their energy with local products.

Pontesampaio: This town offers a beautiful view of the Verdugo River with its historic bridge, a key site in the resistance during the War of Independence against Napoleonic troops.

Pontevedra: The route culminates in this emblematic city, where historical heritage and vibrant urban life intertwine, providing pilgrims with a memorable place to explore and rest.

This stage is not just a link between Redondela and Pontevedra but an invitation to immerse oneself in Galician history and culture, with landscapes that encourage introspection and revitalize the pilgrim's spirit.