Padrón - Santiago de Compostela

The stage of the Portuguese Coastal Way from Padrón to Santiago de Compostela is a journey of approximately 25 kilometers that pilgrims typically complete in around six hours. This final part of the Camino offers a blend of urban and rural landscapes, providing a memorable conclusion to the route.

Padrón: The stage begins in Padrón, a town famous for its association with the legend of the Apostle James and its iconic peppers. From here, the path heads north, crossing rural landscapes and small villages.

Along the Route: As pilgrims advance, they pass through areas such as A Escravitude, where they can visit the well-known Baroque church, and then the area of O Milladoiro, characterized by its elevation and offering preliminary views of Santiago.

Santiago de Compostela: The route concludes in Santiago de Compostela, where the paths are rich with history and culture. Entering the city through the Porta Faxeira leads directly to Rúa do Franco, a vibrant street guiding pilgrims towards the Plaza del Obradoiro and the majestic Cathedral of Santiago, where the pilgrimage traditionally ends.

This stage combines moderate physical challenges with rich cultural and spiritual experiences, offering a perfect closure for the Portuguese Way. In addition to the natural beauty and architecture, pilgrims can enjoy Galician cuisine in Santiago, known for its famous seafood and meat dishes.