Oia - Baiona

The stage of the Portuguese Coastal Way from Oia to Baiona is a route of about 16 km that combines cultural and natural elements, offering pilgrims a memorable experience along the Galician Atlantic coast.

Oia: Starting from Oia, pilgrims can enjoy the impressive Monastery of Santa María, located right by the sea. This historical site is not only a significant cultural stop but also an excellent place to take in ocean views.

As Mariñas and Pedra Rubia: Continuing towards As Mariñas, the route passes through Pedra Rubia, offering coastal landscapes and the opportunity to observe local fauna and flora while following the bike lane parallel to the PO-552 road.

Baiona: Upon reaching Baiona, walkers can explore the old town, rich in history and architecture. The path passes iconic places such as the Chapel of Santa Liberata and the ex-collegiate church of Santa María before reaching the vibrant promenade, which offers numerous dining and relaxation options.

This stage of the Camino is relatively easy in terms of physical difficulty, but rich in landscapes and cultural points of interest, making it ideal for those interested in combining their walk with cultural and visual experiences. The proximity to the sea provides a constant breeze and views that make this part of the Portuguese Coastal Way one of the most rewarding.