Marinhas - Viana do Castelo

The stage of the Portuguese Coastal Way from Marinhas to Viana do Castelo offers a 20.8 km journey that traverses mainly inland, moving away from the coast but providing charming landscapes and moments of peace.

Marinhas: Starting in Marinhas, the route passes by the Church of São Miguel and enters the town along paths that border important educational and cultural centers, introducing pilgrims to a setting of rural tranquility mixed with local hospitality.

Mar (Esposende) and Belinho: Moving towards Mar and Belinho, the path becomes more intimate, with small chapels and crosses dotting the route, offering points of reflection and rest. The trails weave through local architecture and open spaces, showcasing the rich cultural tapestry of the region.

Antas to Castelo do Neiva: Passing through Antas, walkers experience a mix of rural roads and forest trails leading to Castelo do Neiva. Here, the crossing of the Neiva River stands out, a memorable moment of the journey due to its natural beauty and the feeling of crossing history via a platform of stone slabs.

Chafé to Anha: The path continues winding through bucolic landscapes until reaching Chafé and then Anha, where the proximity to Viana do Castelo begins to be felt. This section combines rural charm with access to modern services, preparing the walker for arrival in the city.

Viana do Castelo: Finally, the journey concludes in Viana do Castelo, a city worth exploring at leisure. Its old town is a treasure of historical architecture and living culture, ideal for recovering from the journey and reflecting on the experience.

This stage, though away from the coast, captures the essence of the Portuguese Coastal Way through its combination of nature, culture, and history. It is an invitation to delve deeper into the traditions and local life of northern Portugal.