Porto - Labruge

The first stage of the Portuguese Coastal Way begins in the city of Porto and extends to Labruge, covering a distance of approximately 24.5 km. This stage is ideal for those who wish to combine urban exploration with the beauty of coastal landscapes.

Start in Porto: The route begins at Porto Cathedral (Sé do Porto), located in the heart of the city. Hikers can briefly explore the old town before heading towards the Douro River and following its course to the Atlantic.

Foz do Douro: Upon reaching Foz do Douro, the path follows the coast, passing by several beaches known for their relaxed atmosphere and opportunities for activities such as surfing. This area is also a good place to enjoy seaside cafés and restaurants.

Matosinhos: Continuing north, the path passes through Matosinhos, a key spot for seafood lovers and nautical activities. Pilgrims will find useful services here such as accommodation and public transportation, including metro stations that easily connect to Porto.

Leça da Palmeira to Labruge: After passing Matosinhos, the route enters quieter and less urbanized areas. It passes through Leça da Palmeira, characterized by its lighthouse and views of the port, and continues through residential and industrial zones before reaching Labruge. In Labruge, the path offers a mix of natural landscapes and a serene environment, ideal for resting after a day of walking.

It is advisable to carry water and snacks, as although there are service points, some sections of the path are less provisioned. Additionally, it is essential to wear comfortable and suitable footwear for mixed pavement, including urban areas and trails near the beach.

This stage offers a varied introduction to the Portuguese Coastal Way, combining the cultural richness of Porto with the tranquility of small coastal communities. It is an excellent opportunity to experience the diversity of northern Portugal.