Caminha - Oia

The stage of the Portuguese Coastal Way from Caminha to Oia is an impressive route that offers pilgrims a combination of maritime culture and natural landscapes. The total distance of this stretch is approximately 23.5 km and it is typically completed in about 5 hours and 45 minutes.

Caminha: Starting in Caminha, pilgrims can cross the Minho River into Galicia using a boat-taxi, a unique experience that adds a distinctive element to this stage of the journey.

A Guarda: Upon arriving in A Guarda, a town known for its rich history and beautiful ocean views, walkers can explore the Monte de Santa Tecla, home to a significant Galician-Roman archaeological site. This site offers not only a cultural encounter but also spectacular panoramic views of the surroundings.

Oia: Finally, reaching Oia is marked by the impressive Monastery of Santa María, located directly facing the sea. This 12th-century building is not only an architectural landmark but also an exceptional photographic spot. Additionally, the trails in this area allow for enjoyment of the rocky coast and local nature, including areas previously affected by fires, adding a touch of resilience to the landscape.

This stage combines stretches of rural paths, beach walks, and coastal trails, each with its own charm and challenge, making it an enriching experience both physically and spiritually. It is important to carry water and sun protection, and be prepared for weather changes given the coastal environment.