Baiona - Vigo

The stage of the Portuguese Coastal Way from Baiona to Vigo is a rich experience in coastal and cultural landscapes, extending over approximately 20.8 km. This section can be traversed following two main variants, each offering a unique experience depending on the preference for the coast or a more inland route.

Baiona to Ramallosa: Starting in Baiona, the path offers views of the imposing fortress and the charming beaches that line the town. Pilgrims cross the Romanesque bridge of A Ramallosa, providing a beautiful transition to the next section.

Ramallosa to Vigo (coastal route): This variant follows the coast, allowing walkers to enjoy beaches such as Playa América and Playa de Patos, as well as small coves and ocean views. The route passes through areas like Saiáns and Canido before reaching the famous Samil Beach in Vigo. This stretch is notable for its constant visual access to the sea and the possibility of seeing the Cíes Islands on the horizon.

Ramallosa to Vigo (official route): The official route heads more inland through urban areas and forest paths, offering a different experience that includes passages through parks like Castrelos and various neighborhoods of Vigo before reaching the heart of the city.

Both variants conclude in Vigo, where walkers can explore the vibrant urban and cultural life, with access to numerous services and attractions such as the Co-Cathedral of Santa María and the lively port area.

This stage of the Portuguese Coastal Way is ideal for those seeking to combine natural landscapes with urban experiences, offering both peaceful retreats by the sea and the bustle of the city of Vigo.